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Family Crests

Traditionally, all Irish surnames have a unique family crest passed down through the generations. A family crest is also referred to as a coat of arms. They were used for centuries to identify royal families or people in battle. Each family crest has a set of colours and bespoke design. The Irish family crest tells the family's meaning and background. A marriage brings two families together. A personalised family crest slate or mug would make a perfect gift for a newly married couple or a couple celebrating a milestone anniversary.

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Along with family crests, we also supply personalised county crest gift ideas. Personalise a candle or slate with the couples names, wedding date, and each couple’s birth county. From the most northerly county in Ireland, Co. Donegal, to the most southerly county, Co, Cork. Gift a couple with a personalised family crest or county crest keepsake from Naturally Irish to highlight their Irish heritage.